At Camp Run Ridgefield, we aim to inspire young people to love running. Learn from the best coaches and counselors in the ideal setting of the Ridgefield High School campus.

Each day we have a variety of fun and informative activities planned:

  • Warm-Up Techniques: Learn to warm up dynamically to avoid injuries and improve performance.
  • Workouts: Understand the variety of workout types, including tempo runs, intervals, hill repeats, and speed sessions.
  • Strengthening Exercises: Master core strength exercises that will improve posture and running form.
  • Individualized Running Form Analysis: Receive an individualized slow-motion gait analysis video including tips for improving running form.
  • Nutrition Lessons: Enjoy a themed snack every day that will help teach healthy eating habits.
  • Motivational Speeches: Hear from local running experts as well as Ridgefield High School athletes on a variety of exciting topics.
  • Film Study: Watch race videos to learn tactics and get inspired.

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